How much do we have to pay for this program?

WASHINGTON PREP is a private school. Students pay a monthly tuition fee of $125 that gives them unlimited access to their classes for one month or 30 days. The student can work 24 hours a day seven days a week the school is always open. All students coursework is saved in real time so that it may be completed at anytime. Students can work continuously for as many months as needed to complete the credit requirements for graduation. All students coursework towards graduation is accumulative so if need be a student can have interruptions in access without losing any completed credit or work. The student can simply start where he or her has left off and complete the coursework to attain the credit.


How much is a student required to work?

WASHINGTON PREP is a rigorous, academic program. As such, WASHINGTON PREP encourages students to work as many hours per week as possible, though there is no minimum requirements.

How often do I speak with my advisor?

WASHINGTON PREP does not have a requirement but encourages students to communicate with their Teacher/Advisor, either through phone, text, email, OdysseyWare on a daily basis . In addition, advisors schedule meetings with students online to go over progress reports and grade achievements weekly


Can we choose or switch curriculum and level?

Yes, in coordination with the student’s advisor. If work in any subject matter is too easy or too challenging, WASHINGTON PREP can accommodate a change.

What schedule does WASHINGTON PREP follow?

WASHINGTON PREP follows a standard calendar. Students can work holidays but will not have access to teachers on these days.

Can we leave this program at any time?

Yes, just like any private school , you have the right to leave this program.

Is all the work done on the computer?

While WASHINGTON PREP core curriculum is web-based, students are required to complete projects, some of which are done off-line. In addition, students are required to complete a Capstone projext, both of which are done in the community. All students are encouraged, but not required, to participate in hands-on experiences such as enrichment classes.

Do I need the Internet?

Yes, students must have access to the Internet. We recommend that the student have broadband Internet access, such as DSL or cable modem.

Who provides technical support?

Washington Prep contracts with a technical support team. However, there may be some cases, such as warranty work, that will require the student/parent to contact the laptop manufacturer directly

How often and when can I get Online?

Students can work on line anytime and from any place internet is provided. There is no time limit so students have the ability to work 24 hours a day, seven days a week.