Graduation Requirements

How we meet these requirements:

  1. Credits Only
  2. No State Test Scores Needed

Capstone Project – Complete a Culminating Project

While Washington Prep determines the guidelines for this Culminating Project, there are statewide goals:

  • Encourage students to think analytically, logically and creatively and to integrate experience and knowledge to solve problems.
  • Give students a chance to explore a topic in which they have a great interest.
  • Offer students an opportunity to apply their learning in a “real world” way.
  • As part of the Culminating Project, each student will demonstrate essential skills through reading, writing, speaking, production and/or performance. To complete the project, students may be asked to write a research paper, work with a mentor in school or in the community, present to a community or peer panel, pull together a portfolio of work and/or develop a multimedia presentation.
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