How Online Tutoring Works

Students are provided with the opportunity for one on one online sessions with accredited certified teachers. The student has the ability to work in real time with teachers online to work through areas of the online curriculum that are difficult or are in need of clarification. The student actually works through online classes with the help of his or her teacher. The student has access to highly qualified teachers in each of the core requirement areas. The student always has a professional on there side. The teachers are not just qualified teachers but are experts in there content areas. Teaching methods used are innovative and tested. Students get results. The student is able to show his or her weaknesses without necessarily knowing what they are. The online curriculum lays a “blue print” of areas of understanding or areas of needed instruction. The teacher and student work through this “blue print” to build an educational house. At Washington Prep grades are important but understanding is everything. The student has the ability to take multiple versions of tests as well as have the ability to rework quizzes and tests where needed.

The students access an interactive whiteboard through a simple “URL” in which the student is engaged with a teacher one on one for real time problem solving. Teachers have access to all teaching materials needed in the virtual classroom from pencils to graph paper. Teacher and student can work through the curriculum together in real time as a preamble to a course or in coincidence with the course being taken in the classroom. The student covers all standards needed to be successful in the classroom, on exams and State Tests. The student is given a full well rounded understanding of the curriculum. He or she is shown tested learning methods that are used in correlation with practice to achieve a working knowledge of the material for successful learning and understanding.

Students are able to print out work sessions and notes which can be used and worked with to study material in the classroom. The student is able to access information in an organized way when needed. The student is engaged with outside materials if needed to achieve understanding of a content areas. Students can bring educational problems from the classroom to the tutor for understanding. The teacher will break down the standard being taught and bring that content to you in way where it is not just understood but mastered.