Online Tutoring Program

Washington Preps tutoring program is a an online tutoring program with online curriculum. The student can take AP courses, Algebra, Geometry, Biology, Chemistry and English before of while they are taking the course at there local high school. The student works through the curriculum with exceptional tutors working with them all the way. The student will have a full understanding of all content and will be able to excel in his or her High School courses and State Tests. The student lays out a blue print showing areas of curriculum strengths and weaknesses.  The teacher then works in these areas to bring the student to full understanding.

Tutoring is done from anywhere the internet is accessible. Students are simple given a “URL” and are directed towards the tutoring workshop. The workshop has any tools needed in the educational process from online pencils to online graph paper. Students can see what is on the teachers screen and the teacher can do the same with theirs. One on one tutoring at its best. One of the features of our program is that you will be working with teachers that are highly qualified in there content areas and you have access to multiple teachers with diversified content areas. Students spend the time studying rather than commuting. Tutors do not have to come into

your house. You are able to see multiple tutors from multiple teaching disciplines in the same day or evening.

While we encourage any quality educational materials, no materials are needed for tutoring sessions. Simple a computer and a phone and the student has everything they need. Students are able to revisit the curriculum at any time to get ready for State exams and tests. Students are able to take multiple versions of tests to allow for a greater more confident understanding. Teachers will engage students with outside curriculum when needed to provide for further understanding if needed.

Students are taught how to take tests. Good test takers do well on test so we incorporate this in the tutoring process. We teach students how to break down questions and answers to come to a solution. Students will have better test times. When students practice taking tests they are faster at completing them.

The main purpose of the tutoring program is you do no have to ask for help or even know what you do or do not know. We will help you figure that out. We have the tools to accomplish this. Students are never embarrassed by what they may not know and are then helped to gain that knowledge.