Our Program

Curriculum for grades 9-12  is provided by Apex Learning. All curriculum is designed to meet all State standards. Students access there curriculum online and have the ability to work at there own pace to complete there coursework from any location internet access is available. Students have the ability to reach a teacher in real time online to work on difficult areas of the curriculum. The WASHINGTON PREP teacher/advisor is available on a daily, workday, basis to answer questions, and support the student.

Students complete a Capstone Project during their final year

Students at WASHINGTON PREP are working towards being self-directed learners who are prepared to set and meet goals toward successful completion of school. Personalization of the diploma is paramount at Washington Prep. Each student is assigned an advisor who meets with the student, to provide academic support and set goals toward meeting the student’s academic plan. The WASHINGTON PREP advisors are available to answer questions and support to the student throughout there educational career.

Students are enrolled in virtual classes just as you would enroll for a course in a high school. The student works through the curriculum and is helped along the way by his or teacher. The student is able to move as quickly or as slowly as needed, there are no time constraints. This program is about learning the material. Students are engaged in daily multiple choice questions as well as written response answers. The student is engaged in tutorials and activities that enhance the learning. The system is rewarding to the student. The grading works in favor of the student in everyway. Much of the grade weighting is based on work done throughout the unit and is not end loaded on a final test. The student knows where he or she needs to improve instantly. Students can see grade percentages and course completion percentage in real time. Students are able to rework through testes and quizzes to receive a higher percentage if need be. At Washington Prep we are all about making sure the student is successful in there freshmen year of college. The student will be able to succeed in their college math classes because they have algebra skills, they will be able to get a good grade in writing 121 because they do know how to write a “five part essay”. They will be able to hold their own in both biology and chemistry classes because they have the vocabulary and background knowledge to do so.